Dietary Questions



Potential exposure: shellfish, peanut, gluten, soy.

We use the same tools for everything across the board.  Even if your item does not contain it as an ingredient, there will be the chance of accidental cross contamination and WE DO NOT PROMISE that it won’t happen.  We can do our best to limit the potential risk, but make no guarantees.

Shrimp – We have a dedicated pan and tongs for only shrimp, and they do not get used for anything else. Shrimp is cooked and stored next to other meats in a separate container.

Fryer oil is soy-based. 



    We have a very “Gluten friendly” menu. From an ingredient stand point, the grilled fish, chicken breast, and shrimp are great options.

    The kal-bi and bbq chicken are not gluten-free because the marinade contains gluten

    Other great options – All tacos, plates without mac salad, bowls, salads, and burgers with lettuce shell

    If you are cautious due to Celiac Disease, we cannot promise 100% non-crossover contamination, but as for ingredients, suggested items are okay. 

    All sauces except soy sesame is ok.

    Fries are ok BUT the fryer is used for battered items if that matters to you. 

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